It’s bonus season!

World Cup is a major event not only in world of football but all other coexisting industries which eagerly await to grab their share of the cake. One such industry is sports betting and here’s a few insider tips on how to monetize on those that are out to monetize on you!

Majority of turnover for a Sportsbook comes from week on week league matches. The mere number of leagues and events guarantees hundreds of thousands of such events catering for wide range of customers and sports bettors.

Cyclical events such as FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Cup are written in capital letters in every sportsbook trading and marketing department. So what’s it to you might ask? Well, you are the star of their efforts.

A year with either FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Cup will warrant for large increase in turnover for a well prepared operator. EVERYBODY wants to bet on those events no matter how big/small football aficionados they are for the rest of the year. The drama peaks on June 14th; weather is hot, beer is cold, pub terraces are open and you bookie is with you on your smartphone. What’s not to like?!

Apart from the pure football enjoyment (if you’re not Italian that is) there is a way for you to turn June and July into a profitable business. If you know what your betting provider is planning you can use it to your own advantage.

Inevitable laps of activity

Football leagues in Europe are about to finish. Your operator is painfully aware that turnover is dropping and they will go to lengths to keep you active. They have Champions League finals coming up but that’s just a single match and not bait enough. You may want to remain active if you’re into tennis or “lesser” sports betting but you will do better to go inactive. Why?

Reactivation of inactive customers costs less that acquiring new ones. This means that if your bookie has any reason to reactivate you they will try to do so for the World Cup. You are a cheaper source of turnover that an actual newly registered customer.

This will depend on your profitability for the bookmaker of course but a casual punter will be seen as a good target for reactivation.

New players

You would be surprised at how many new players sign up and start betting just for the big event. Bookmakers increase their marketing budgets vastly, media is rubbing their hands with all the sold ad space and all of their efforts are directed towards you. If you are planning to grab some betting action here’s a word of advice: don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Say you have 500€ to spend and you want a maximum return. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Check for new players offers starting with 2 weeks ahead of World Cup. You will be able to do so on our betting bonuses page so you don’t have to browse around!
  2. Deposit just enough to get maximum amount of bonus in return. Rinse and repeat with as many (reputable) bookmakers as you can with your budget.
  3. While completing the required rollover chances are you will have some balances back to 0.00€. This will likely make you eligible for a new re-deposit offer from the operator.
  4. Pick operators that have good mobile apps/sites. You will be able to rollover bonus conditions faster and easier on the go.

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