World Cup Squads transfer values

CIES Football Observatory analysts have calculated World Cup 2018 participants squad values based on their own algorithm. Current leader is France with a value of €1.41 Billion closely followed by England (€139 billion) and Brazil (€1.27 Billion). Germany holds 6th position with €895 million in value while, slightly less than Argentina (€925M) where only Lionel Messi accounts for 20% of squad value.

Can these numbers be used for betting purposes? Let’s take a look at the current odds for Outright winner provided by Bet365.

Outright odds provided by Bet365.

A glance at the Top 5 teams will show only one impostor; while England transfer value is 2nd highest with €1.38 Billion their chances, according to bookmakers, are 7th highest with odds of 17.00. They are beaten by Brazil (5.00), Germany (5.50), Spain (7.00), France (7.50), Argentina (10.00) and Belgium (12.00). England’s squad is twice as expensive than Portuguese with Ronaldo included.

It would be interesting to see the algorithm behind the list but it is a reasonable conclusion that the price tag of England’s national squad is (unjustly) influenced by Premier League prices and financial power of English teams. If you could pick between signing Ronaldo and Eriksen for the price of Harry Kane who would you chose?

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